Born to be wild! The next generation of chopper riders ready to roll! Here’s @sonitriwijaya and his killer Kawasaki with the future owner trying it on for size. πŸ˜† πŸ“·@sonitriwijaya @febrisuastika #rideoldbikes #keepitvintage #vintageisbetter #kawasaki #oldbikebarn from Instagram:

Riding into work this morning like Colton Jacobs @coltonandrewjacobs on his trusty vintage Honda. Winter is upon us, but that only means one thing, time to layer up and get going. πŸ“·@flockaburrrd #rideoldbikes #enjoytheride #honda #vintageisbetter #oldbikebarn from Instagram:

This KZ550 swingarm chop from @picklerick02 is ready to march straight into battle! We give alot of love to the Honda 550’s but we’ve gotta say don’t underestimate these KZ550 motors for a second. They are an absolute blast and full of power to pull you full speed out of the trenches! πŸ“·@picklerick02 #rideoldbikes #kawasaki #vintageisbetter #oldbikebarn from Instagram:

We often get inquiries about the DOHC CB750 models and we still continue to stock an assortment of parts for these at because we believe just like the SOHC, with proper upkeep these are some really great vintage speed machines. Most times all it takes is the replacement of a few key parts like carb jets or floats, old worn gaskets, cables, etc to get these back in top shape. Here’s an amazing example of just how nice you can make one of these models look from the honda masters over at @flakesmotorcycle. πŸ“·@flakesmotorcycle #rideoldbikes #honda #vintageisbetter #oldbikebarn from Instagram:

Cycles at sunset. Here’s @kmaroonfoto’s restored Honda CB350 four named “Josephine” that’s been her trusty companion and taken her to places she had never imagined. An old bike can do this just the same as a new one and in some cases you will even value your experiences much more coming from achieving them on a vintage machine. πŸ“·@kmaroonfoto #rideoldbikes #nightmoves #vintageisbetter #oldbikebarn from Instagram:

Yes and hell yessss! Some inspiration and words of wisdom from @whitelinepsycho speaking the gospel. “Old stuff,……some of us just never wanted to accept the warm, fuzzy, antiseptically bland, bubble-wrapped, fragile future of motorsickle and automotive design.” (Bike and car by @slab_sides @brentdoesntdoinsta). πŸ“·@whitelinepsycho #rideoldbikes #driveoldcars #vintageisbetter #oldbikebarn from Instagram: