I have not done a sobriety report in a while as I never want to seem preachy but the timing seems right as I get this tattoo that I have been putting off. So here it goes…. I had to wait until I was ready for this tattoo because It’s a reminder of how I used to live and a tribute to my bros #whiskeygreg and Sean. We burnt the wick at both ends living hard, wild, and free! I don’t romanticize the past but I also have no regrets… as this journey is what got me here. A few years ago I was homeless, nomadic, and drug infested holding my businesses together with 1 employee in a 100 year old building with no running water or heat. Most people didn’t know that I had nearly lost everything and as hard as it is to admit drugs and alcohol played a large part in it. At the time I chose to live on my motorcycle on the road and keep the party going because it was easier than facing where I was in life and how my excesses and immature decisions had nearly cost me everything. I’ll never go back, but I do miss the profound brotherhood I shared on the road with a select few like Greg & Sean during those wild years. It’s all part of my journey, in a few days @bornfreeshow I’ll give away a trip to ride the in the Himalayas with my new venture @himalayan_heroes_usa I’ll be thinking of these two and a few others that left us too soon. Their tragic loss profoundly affected me and I felt duty bound to change my path, rebuild my business, and carry on. I’m 902 days clean, and grateful to have known these men. In their deaths they gave me a gift… the strength and will to find a new path. I’ve done a 180 in life and since second chances don’t come often I’m gona use mine to the fullest leading by example and showing as many people as I can no matter how bad shit is you can rebuild and there are much better ways to get high, like climbing mountains with motorcycles! Thanks to everyone that has supported me and http://www.OldBikeBarn.com over the years and special thanks to my partners Buddhi & Rex @himalayan_heroes for believing in me! -Bear #climbmountainswithmotorcycles #manonthepath #grateful #noregrets #takethebullbythehorns from Instagram: https://ift.tt/2MI9QUM

Really looking forward to seeing what everyone has in store this year for their @bornfreeshow masterpieces. Here’s a look back at one of our favorites in years past from @matt.periodmodified. 📷@mikevandegriff #bornfreeshow #vintageisbetter #oldbikebarn from Instagram: https://ift.tt/2K5qaNu

We’re stoked to be supporting the @chopcult Ride to @bornfreeshow Giveaway along with all of the our industry friends! Here’s how to enter – Please share your imagery (safely) on Instagram and included the hashtags #chopcult, #ridetobf10, #bornfreeshow, and #BF10 to your posts. @chopcult will announce the winners via Instagram on Friday (6/22). The three winners will meet at the ChopCult booth by 11:30 am on Saturday morning (6/23) to claim their winnings. from Instagram: https://ift.tt/2I1oD9x

Online sales are officially over for the @bornfreeshow raffle poster/ticket combo that enters you for a chance to get a “Stairway to heaven” trip to ride motorcycles in beautiful Nepal with the @himalayan_heroes_usa crew! Have no fear! Tickets will still be available at the HD/BF Stampede races and at Born Free show this weekend! Good luck everyone! #himalayanheroes #bornfreeshow #royalenfield #oldbikebarn from Instagram: https://ift.tt/2K2fYIW

Fuel Cleveland is coming at you sooner than you think! This year is shaping up to be the best yet! Here’s @austinmartinoriginals awesome XS650 from last years event. Check out @fuelcleveland for all info on the event. 📷mv #fuelcleveland #rideoldbikes #vintageisbetter #oldbikebarn from Instagram: https://ift.tt/2MwJ41z