Check out this killer painting of Evel’s lid by artist #DarrenMcKeag @mckeag67! Love how Darren worked in all the abuse it took when Knievel kissed the Earth. – Tim @doomcycle #EvelFuckingKnievel #KingOfTheDaredevils #RampToRamp #motorcycleart #bikerart #bikers #oldbikebarn from Instagram:

If you live in the midwest there’s a couple pretty fun bike runs going on in Indianapolis to choose from tomorrow. The @aprilfuels2016 run is meeting up at 9am heading south and the #indymadmaxrun is meeting at 11am heading north. April Fuels is mostly choppers, the other is some pretty wild apocalyptic bikes from all over the map. Check them out for more details. -mv 📷@mikevandegriff #aprilfuels #madmaxrun #oldbikebarn from Instagram:

Trying to find some happy thoughts this morning, and this one made my smile… thinking of simpler times. Poached the shot from @ieatrice247 it reminds me of the banana seat bicycles I road as a kid and hits home the point that you can have something cool and vintage without breaking the bank! #vintageisbetter #rideoldbikes #japanesebikecanbecooltoo #chopcult #oldbukebarn -Bear from Instagram:

America lost one of its most decorated Veterans Wednesday morning. I found out from a mutual friend a few moments ago. I did not see Sean often but we would ride hard and fast together a couple of times year, or exchanging calls every few months when either of us was having a hard time. My NATO and UN service was Boy Scout shit compared to this larger than life man, that I humbly got to call “brother”. We both struggled with alcohol and substances and we’re open with one another about it. Real talk was something Sean could handle. In this shot we were visiting the grave of his younger brother Big Andy. I remember the ride out of there well. I’ve been know to piss people off with my aggressive fast riding but even my 100% was half speed for Sean. I don’t think I had ever ridden as hard in my life (at least not on the street). Sean did everything to the maximum! If you were weak he could show you or lift you up. His heart and his balls seemed twice the size of normal men. When it came to riding if you could keep his tail light in your line of sight you might be able to follow. I don’t know many that could. Ride in peace! Love and respect always! -Bear from Instagram:

All it takes is 2 wheels and the right eye, even ugly middle 8O’s Honda Shadows can have some cool breathed into them! @rockyrasdfghj just through this one up with #greasydozenbuildercollective2016 keep them submissions coming boys! #vintageisbetter @chopcult #greasydozen #oldbikebarn -Bear from Instagram:

I was recently invited into the shop of Alex Rindskopf operating under the name @strangecycle. He allowed me to take the time to pester him with some of my large format film cameras as he was working on repairing an old paughco shovelhead oil tank for me. Alex is one hell of a stand up guy to work with and a downright innovator of some seriously cool forward thinking chopper parts. -mv 📷@mikevandegriff #rideoldbikes #useoldmachines #shootfilm #oldbikebarn from Instagram:

What do you do when you have a wife that supports you in everything you do, packs you lunches, tolerates you working from 8am till midnight during crunch time, puts up with drunk and smelly riding friends and generally has her awesome setting on high…. You take time out of your day to buy her a rare #bowie record then drop it off kiss her and head back to work a night shift. #vintageisbetter #oldbikebarn #supportthisethatsupportyou from Instagram:

It’s great that guys are embracing the fun motorcycle loving nature of the Greasy Dozen Garage Builder Collective! Here’s @filthymaxen entry! #Repost @filthymaxen
Here is my submission for the 2016 greasy dozen long bike category. Figured I needed to step up My submission game!
This is the 76′ shovel in a 48′ wishbone frame that’s raked out. Starting out from the front I’m running a 16″ wheel. Bolted up to a 20 over front end twisted and wishboned. The frame is cut and has a rad edge molded. Running a wassell banana that I’m going to frisco. Going to have my buddy help me with a king and queen. Going to build a sissy bar with some surprises.

This is starting and planning on being my dream long bike. I want to try and ride it to the greasy dozen run when it’s done. Check it out guys! I’ll start posting higher quality pics as I work.

@oldbikebarn #greasydozenbuildercollective2016 #vintageisbetter #oldbikebarn #greadydozen from Instagram: