One of my favorite rides from the @rideordieohio run yesterday was this super clean all white panhead with custom hand carved tank art. Tag the artist if you know his ig. -mv 📷@mikevandegriff #rideordieohio #rideoldbikes #vintageisbetter #oldbikebarn from Instagram:

This past week, one of the greats passed on: artist #JackDavis – the man who defined #MadMagazine when I was growin’ up. There were so many talented dudes workin’ for the mag back then, but few could ever hope to reach the level Jack resided upon. RIP. Your work will continue to blow minds for generations to come. – Tim @doomcycle #oldbikebarn from Instagram:

Here’s @hwyk jammin’ his bitchin’ xs650 on the @rideofdieohio bike run last year. Skateboards aren’t required to have a good time but they help. Hitting up 3 parks and a whole lot of good riding in between. -mv 📷@mikevandegriff #rideoldbikes #rideordieohio #ridetoruin #oldbikebarn from Instagram:

@smalldickpoppa stance has us feeling lazy and ready for the weekend! The #greasydozenbuildercollective2016 builds are all really looking rad, can’t wait to party with all of you dudes! #builtnotbought #oldbikebarn #vintageisbetter from Instagram:

Had an excuse to feed the troops lunch today! It’s our #cto and resident computer wizard Jai’s birthday! He is the companies oldest employee thanks for all your efforts in the last 13 year’s homie!! #teamobb #vintageisbetter #oldbikebarn from Instagram:

#fbf to this year’s @fuelcleveland there were just as many cool bikes out in the lot as there were is the show! Here is a shot of @lunchbeerz snapped by @bentheboog #cb450 #hondachopper #vintageisbetter #oldbikebarn from Instagram: