As the sun sets on another glorious greasy dozen run we look back at some seriously good times. On the road and by campfire light we shared stories with new friends and old and walked away with lots more new stories and experiences to tell. Couldn’t ask for a better weekend. – mv 📷@mikevandegriff #greasydozenrun #oldbikebarn from Instagram:

The Greasy Dozen Run is on! For any late bloomers this morning that wanna catch up and tag along we will be posted up at this BP gas station at 2512 St. Rd. 22 W, Circleville, OH. For the next 30 minutes. Feel free to join. The weather is holding up and it’s a nice brisk autumn day for a solid ride. -mv 📷@mikevandegriff #greasydozenrun #oldbikebarn from Instagram:

The Rice Paddy Motorcycles complex is locked up for the night but the party still rages on! Come on down to Ace of Cups on High Street and join us for some more great bands and a couple beers. We’ve got our own spot in the back just for bikes so jump on your bike and come hang! -mv 📷@mikevandegriff #greasydozenrun #oldbikebarn from Instagram: