SOBRIETY REPORT DAY 365 (A man on the path)
Well, folks a year ago today I said I was going to do a little experiment and eliminate cigarettes, alcohol and a few other things from my diet. Those close to me know first hand, not a drop has passed my lips. I can honestly say this has been as big as any project I have embarked on in life. So what did I find? For one I found other ways to experience wild times and continued my mantra of “Live modestly and spend the rest on Motorcycles, good food, and travel!” I road some of the most dangerous roads in the world, conquered part of the vast Himalayas with my friends @mikevandegriff, @pipeburn and @himalayanheros. I got higher than I have ever been before on the Sach Pass at 15600 feet; all while being forced to face my emotions, insecurities, strengths, and weaknesses unmitigated by the self-medication I had become accustomed to. Besides traveling more, I improved my marriage, my business, and all of my relationships. I have been very careful to no be preachy about this choice, it was an experiment for me, not a sermon for you… It’s not for everyone but where things had gotten to for me it was a change in lifestyle that I needed. I highly recommend it even to the casual drinker, if anything a test run on the wagon gives you perspective. I was impressed to see some friends join me on the “sober experience” and commend the courage that it takes anyone to publically make an attempt. I have decided that this path suits me. The amount of increased productivity and happiness I experienced is well worth the effort. So for now, I will continue with my new drug, riding mountain passes and international moto adventures with friends. Stay tuned for my misadventures in sobriety year 2! I’m sticking with this recipe for happiness: “Live modestly and spend the rest on Motorcycles, good food, and travel!” Thanks everyone for your support! #imadetheyear #manonthepath #dontpreachjustdoyou #LMSTROMGFAT #ridemotorcycleshavefun #oldbikebarn #vintageisbetter -Bear from Instagram:

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