There are a lot of bikes that you’ve just gotta see in person to really get the full spectrum of how radical they are and this XS650 from @austinmartinoriginals is one for sure! 📷mv #fuelcleveland #rideoldbikes #vintageisbetter #oldbikebarn from Instagram:

Keep the good times rolling! As the night wound down the bikes started to get wound up ready to cruise the streets of downtown Cleveland in search of kicks. All in good fun a few of the riders provided a little “unofficial” stunt show to get their tires nice and warm for the evening ride. 📷mv #fuelcleveland #oldbikebarn #cheapthrillsgoodtimes #lowbrowcustoms #lincolnelectric #thegasbox #skidmarkgarage from Instagram:

While the inside of the @fuelcleveland show is filled with some of our favorite builders it is also great to see the endless rows of vintage ride in builds filling the outdoor lots and side streets. This cb750 chop was definitely one of our favorites and a purpose built mile muncher for sure! 📷mv #fuelcleveland #rideoldbikes #vintageisbetter #oldbikebarn from Instagram:

Sarcastic spectator @fuelcleveland jokingly asked “if that thing would make it back home” referring to my 44 year old patinaed and lightly rusted F100! Little do they know what lives under the hood of my old “farm truck” isn’t exactly stock… this is what she does at 3/4 throttle with 2 motorcycles in the bed! #F100 #oldtrucksandvintagemotorcyclesforever #oldbikebarn #vintagisbetter #lowbrowcustoms #kustomtech #lincolnelectric #cheapthrillsgoodtimes from Instagram:

So great to see so many bikes make it from all over the country for the @fuelcleveland show this weekend. Here’s @nickhaints killer knuck all the way from down south. 📷mv #fuelcleveland #rideoldbikes #vintageisbetter #oldbikebarn from Instagram:

Good things do happen to good people! Kc Elkins came to @fuelcleveland tonight to showcase his radical RD350 build and ended up walking away with the trip of a lifetime with @oldbikebarn and @himalayan_heroes to ride Royal Enfield motorcycles to the highest motorable roads in the world! All just for following the @himalayan_heroes_usa page and entering the contest. We are excited to see Kc ripping thru the mountains with the same excitement that he rips his RD350! Thank you so much to everyone that entered and came out to Fuel this weekend to support! It’s all about giving back and support those who support others! 📷mv #fuelcleveland #himalayanheroes #vintageisbetter #oldbikebarn from Instagram:

@fuelcleveland is a rap! I parked my Gold Digger @skidmarkgarage for the night. I like bringing this XS650 powered long bike to shows but still every time I look at it I wonder how the hell I rode it all the to California! At the time I considered it some sort of right of passage and a homage to the men that built chopper culture. Now I think it’s a little crazy but my love of custom culture is as deep as ever primarily because of all the rad people we meet! I can’t imagine my life without these 2 wheeled freedom machines! The road goes on forever and the party never ends! Next we’re getting washed up and heading to the @show_class_mag after party! -Bear #vintagisbetter #golddigger #oldbikebarn #fuelcleveland #fuelcleveland2017 #thegasbox #lowbrowcustoms #cheapthrillsgoodtimes #lincolnelectric #kustomtech from Instagram: