Here’s one we are looking forward to seeing in person! -Bear #Repost @strange_cycle
Long time in the making but Anna’s ‘76 Shovel is complete. 4 years to be exact! Anna and I worked as a team to make it happen, and between countless setbacks, and life getting in the way, I finished final assembly and fired it for the first time yesterday. After Anna lost her bike in a hit and skip 2 years ago, I knew it was time to put in the work to get this one done, and get her back on the road. This bike is loaded with in-house handmade parts, and topped off with some killer finishing touches such as @jp_rodman paint, @newchurchmoto seat, and engraving by @don_laing. So many friends helped out to make it all work, and we thank you! Come see the finished, running bike at @fuelcleveland next Saturday, July 28th! We can’t wait to see everyone! from Instagram: