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The road to Born Free begins🤘 Just brought this little 1974 KZ400 home. You might ask, why the f*ck would you buy a KZ400 and not a pan, knuckle, flathead or any Harley in general?! Well here’s why, too many kids my age can’t afford to drop a few G’s on a used Harley, let alone just a motor and trans (myself included). There are sooo many rad little Japanese twins out there that they made millions of that are just rotting away and not being ridden because “they aren’t cool”. These bikes are a solid entry point into the motorcycle world, and they can definitely be made into something badass. So I’m taking this @bornfreeshow “invited builder” opportunity as a way to lead by example, so I bought a $850 running and titled Kz400. Now it’s time to tear into this bad boy and make something cool 🤘

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