A smile as genuine as the man wearing it… I’m never much of a fan boy for anyone but I’m always ready to pay respect and give credit we’re it’s due. It’s a great privilege to have nearly 2 weeks of face time with this storied man @michaellichterphotography I’m taking him and a great cast of characters including @everything_beanre @rtwdoug @large_hands_grant @johnathanpite @twistedoz @seanlichter on an epic @himalayanheroesusa ride on the Annapurna circuit half way around the world up the “Stairway to Heaven” in Nepal! There is only one irreplaceable commodity in life “time” so use it to get out there and see the world you may find it gives you new perspective of pretty much everything! If you are not growing and changing you are dying and no master how many times I do these trips they enrich me and with this cast of wildly experienced men it should be all the more incredible! -Bear #himalayanheroes #oldbikebarn #climountainswithmotorcycles from Instagram: https://ift.tt/2zsB4Jl