Introducing @everything_beanre to a few of my friends in Nepal. Over the next few days I will be rolling out a post about each man on the #stairwaytoheaven trip that I’m leading with my new venture @himalayanheroesusa The fun part about Beanre being here is he won the trip at last years @thegreasydozen run! When I announced that we had not sold that many tickets but I would give the trip away regardless he represented by buying 30 tickets saying he had budgeted $500 for the weekend and was happy to support with no expectation of winning. Well the universe rewarded him for the gesture and brought 2 life long motorcycle nuts and world travelers together. Welcome aboard Bean! I’m looking forward to #climbinountainswithmotorcycles with you! -Bear #theuniverseworksinmysteriousways #everythingbeaner #oldbikebarn #himalayanheroesusa from Instagram: