Our good friend Walter @kickstartcycle is doing a rad giveaway. Take a deep dive into the history of Walters life with this curated collection of stickers and memorabilia.
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I am an adult, with a sticker collection. It is a sizeable and strong assortment. The subject matter is diverse. Music, motorcycles, artists, politics, it’s all here. I started it when I was a kid. It is a map. It is history and memory. if you can decipher the components, it will tell you everything you need to know about me. The artwork meanders between sublime and horrible. It works together and apart. Every item belongs. Every one has a story. When I would come home from a trip I would empty my pockets and start the task of figuring where my new acquisitions are going. Some would find a home on my truck or toolbox. If the small flat piece of paper and glue held special meaning it would go into storage until I could find a proper place. It is a bit disconcerting how much this collection means to me. Recently I looked through it and remembered some things forgotten, and realized, for reasons that should be obvious, I don’t need it anymore.
What to do? What should I do with a small bit of life’s work? I know! Give it away on Instagram! I think you should have it. It deserves a better fate than living in a box in my basement. Along with my personal history you get a collection of things that deserve a life outside my influence. Packaging all of this requires serious thought as well. The most fitting vessel I could think of is a backpack from my friend Matt. I tried to use it. I wanted it to get as old and beat up as I feel most of the time. After a while it to ended up on a shelf. It deserves better. I have also included a collection of fragments you might find cool, including this shift knob George made and a pair of Biltwell LE sunglasses and some things and stuff. Before you ask, Yes, you even get the crown jewels. My Spice Girls reunion tour backstage pass.

Repost and tag #tellmewhatchawantwhatyareallyreallywant If you want to add a comment why you should win… I’ll listen. We will announce the winner on Dec. 15 2018. Just in time for Xmas from Instagram: https://ift.tt/2GeWuA4