So I posted this plane on my personal feed on March 8th 2018 and loosely set becoming a sport pilot as my next big life goal… then a couple of days ago my homie Bill @biltwell beat me to it (good on ya) by flying for the first time. In another bit of serendipity while crewing with Tyler & Kyle @lowbrowcustoms at Bonneville Speed week this August I over heard Tyler taking about getting his pilot license… well #chopperflyboys I’m officially considering this a race (in a good spirited way) to see see who has the card in hand first. -Bear #itsaonelaprace #justdoit #leadbyexample #Repost @bearhaughtonfriendsandfam
I just found out a Light Sport Aircraft license only costs about $3800 to be certified… most things I do by starting with setting the intention. So “some day” sooner than latter I should do this. #flyingbear from Instagram: