There is so much awesome potential for the KZ750 twin platform to be an amazing custom build and @thegreasydozen builder Brandon Long @badfishkustoms really went the extra mile on his making sure this KZ was like no other. 📷mv #greasydozenrun #vintageisbetter #kawasaki #oldbikebarn from Instagram:

Good times with friends old and new on the #greasydozenrun this weekend! It’s funny how life works, I never set out to lead the pack usually preferring to work behind the scenes on most events we are part of. I’d say most years I was maybe even a little intimidated at times by the role my duties as founder of the event thrust me into. Over the years though the event and my recipe for showing others what’s important to me has evolved and this year I felt really at home severing up my dish of brotherhood, sisterhood, camaraderie and community along with some of the best roads Ohio has to offer. Thanks to everyone that came out to open the season, celebrate grassroots motorcycling and our little builder collective! L&R -Bear #thegreasydozenrun #oldbikebarn #vintageisbetter from Instagram:

Garett Wilson of @dubstyledesigns built this incredible KTM Duke tracker for @thegreasydozen collective and brought it out all the way from Colorado. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing all the hard work pay off rolling to the farm for the run. 📷mv #greasydozenrun #vintageisbetter #oldbikebarn from Instagram:

Today, we honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice to serve and protect our country and freedoms. Please take a moment today to tell your children the difference between Memorial Day and Veterans Day. #allgavesomesomegaveall from Instagram:

We couldn’t have asked for a better @thegreasydozen weekend. The skies even though ominous at times held out to give us a great show as we lit the bonfire and started grilling food. The builders lined up and a great sense of accomplishment was felt by everyone, riders and builders alike. Heres @ mufine_werx and KZ650 showcasing his incredible work for everyone to see on the farm. #greasydozenrun #vintageisbetter #oldbikebarn from Instagram:

Great riding and great folks! First gas stop down and everyone is in great spirits! The weather couldn’t be better and the group is running strong! The Greasy Dozen Run presses on into the Ohio countryside. Here’s @jamboozie_customs feeling good today on his radical ironhead chopper. #greasydozenrun #vintageisbetter #oldbikebarn from Instagram: