Since we’ve got Kawasaki on the brain today we’ve gotta give some love to this killer KZ750 twin chopper from @thewildbill32. Classic chopper style with an afforadable vintage Japanese powertrain is just the way to go sometimes for a fun and lightweight screamer of a bike. 📷@thewildbill32 #rideoldbikes #kawasaki #vintageisbetter #oldbikebarn from Instagram:

Here’s a solid bike we don’t get to mention near enough that is really just a blast to ride. The Kawasaki GPZ 400f. This one from @yu.ki0210 is definitely a mean looking street fighter for sure thats enough to get any vintage speed enthusiast ready to hang on tight. 📷@yu.ki0210 #rideoldbikes #kawasaki #vintageisbetter #oldbikebarn from Instagram:

For those who love old bikes, ride old bikes and rebuild old bikes, we salute you. You are reason we’ve kept this vintage parts train rolling full steam ahead for almost two decades now. Preserving a great age in the heritage of motorcycles by keeping them on the road with critical hard parts is what we are all about and we hope you share the love for these great vintage machines the same as we do! 📷mv #rideoldbikes #vintageisbetter #oldbikebarn from Instagram:

September is a great month to travel on two wheels! The days aren’t as hot and the nights are cooled off just right. It’s the perfect time to load your bike down and get out there while you still can! Here’s @tonysuzo finding a little adventure down south on some Kentucky backroads on his trusty sportster.
We talk about vintage Japanese bikes a lot on this feed but did you know we carry a ton of parts for Ironheads and Evo sportsters as well? Everything from gasket kits to full engine chrome kits and carb parts and on and on. We even sell some interesting choices for tanks that make your sporty look a little funner than stock like Tony’s here. Check out while you are getting your old sporty ready for its long haul! 📷@tonysuzo #rideoldbikes #harleydavidson #vintageisbetter #oldbikebarn from Instagram:

Night riders. Doesn’t matter where you are in the world, all that matters is you keep on choppin with good friends and keep it fun! 📷@ariyasativa #rideoldbikes #choptheworld #vintageisbetter #oldbikebarn from Instagram:

Loving this CB400F from @heidizumbrun getting ready for a little makeover from the vintage Honda masters at @rawhidecycles. Gotta keep these bikes going folks! 📷@rawhidecycles #rideoldbikes #vintageisbetter #honda #oldbikebarn from Instagram: